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Confidentiality & Limits to Confidentiality 

All the work we do together is strictly confidential unless one of these exceptions to confidentiality applies: 

  • When either of us have concern that you may be a danger to yourself or others

  • When records including art work are subpoenaed by a court of law

  • When either of us has a concern that abuse of a vulnerable person is taking place.

I will make every effort to disclose these concerns with you prior to involving other professionals 

As is best practice, I also seek regular clinical supervision, and this results in sharing video sessions of willing clients and our work together with my direct supervisor.  I use Zoom for Healthcare, a triple encrypted platform which enables compliance with Canadian Data Protection regulations, including the Personal Information and Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). These video recordings are password protected and temporarily live on my computer and are shared via a share screen function only with my direct supervisor to enhance my clinical practice and therefore your outcomes. After supervision these recordings will be erased. 

At no time would you be recorded without your consent and you may withdraw the permission to record at any time. 


I offer a sliding scale: 

Individual in person one on one 50 minute session: $160.00 (including gst)

individual virtual one on one 50 minute session: $160.00 ( including GST)

Individual virtual one on one 50 minute recorded session: $150.00 (including GST)

Clinical Supervision/ Consultation Rates 50 min $160.00 on line only (including GST)

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