"Galen is a stand-out coach and consultant. She pulls together a variety of big picture and strategic thinking tools and has a depth of insight into the obstacles blocking leaders and executives from meeting goals. She’s highly skilled at keeping clients focused on goals and can draw from counselling, leadership, planning, coaching and creativity toolkits to do so. Backed by empathy as well as deep understanding of trauma, anxiety, Imposter Syndrome and other intersectional challenges facing leaders, Galen is uniquely poised to help modern leaders. She also happens to be a warm, caring person with a great sense of humour" - Andréa Coutu, MBA

"The Family Support Institute of British Columbia had the good fortune to do a custom tailored workshop on Trauma Informed Practice with Galen and Trish for our provincial staff team. The session was profound and impactful. The presenters were gentle, skilled, and imparted deep knowledge, research and practice into all aspects of our time together. They made space for all participants to feel safe, nurtured and left them with a newly acquired set of tools, strategies and knowledge. Our time together was set at a wonderful pace and had great structure to enable the participants to easily ask questions, pause and reflect, and take breaks or connect as they personally needed. FSIBC would highly recommend Galen and Trish to anyone who is looking for a team session on Trauma Informed Practice"  -Angela Clancy, Executive Director, Family Support Institute.

"Galen contributes her integrity and expertise to the graduate programs oral exams. Her teamwork with panel members is consistently respectful and collaborative while her contributions are thoughtful and substantive. Her approach fosters effective team work."- Carla Alexander MSW, PdD, RSW

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I wish to convey how much I appreciate the commitment you have shown being on this committee for two years. You have a special blend of skills; first hand advocacy experience, tireless willingness to participate, unwavering professionalism, endless enthusiasm to get the hard work done, and exceptional communication skills. Your efforts have been invaluable to unique learners across this province." Kim Currie , Eng.

Workshop Testimonials 

"Galen is a warm and welcoming facilitator that puts people at ease and enlivens their creativity" 

"Thank you. I'm taking away excitement to explore these tools with clients"

"The workshop was super helpful, well delivered, experiential and room was given to clarify doubts, ask questions and share experiences"

"A fantastic blend of trauma-informed practice, neuroscience, mindfulness and self-compassion. Whether you're a therapist, teacher, helping professional or anyone on their own personal healing journey, this was a resource-rich workshop that also instilled a sense of hope and healing in undoing aloneness."

"I loved the somatic orientation!"

"Galen is an outstanding presenter/ instructor. She is diligently prepared and at ease using multi-media learning activities. Galen used wit and a sense of play to quickly establish a comfortable learning zone and working relationships with the participants."

"Knowledgeable and compassionate"

"Lots of info, skilled facilitators and well communicated" 

"Excellent workshop and the facilitators were very conscientious" 

"Thank you for a beautiful experience" 

"Really enjoyed the balance between dialectic and experiential learning"

"Thank you so much for the thoughtful and insightful workshop! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!"

'Thank you for providing so many art materials for us to try, it was fun and helpful. I really appreciated having two instructors what complimented each other so well"

"This was a supportive and welcomed space to explore unresolved trauma integration. Thank you for the humour and reassurance"

"I was a little stressed when I got the email saying we needed paint clothes as I thought I would compare myself to artists, but was so happy and relieve to see it wasn't about talent. I loved this workshop!"

'I most enjoyed learning about the theory behind trauma and how it connects to art. I also enjoyed learning about trust and safety"

"I really appreciated the safe environment the facilitators created that emphasized choice. The content was fascinating and enlightening and I enjoyed the experiential exercises we were guided through."