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Workshops, Group Facilitation, Staff Training and Professional Development 

One of the biggest way to scale organizational wellness, and positively impact systemic culture change is to work deliberately and explicitly to build psychological safety via emotional intelligence, and specific organizational practices and tools that foster high quality relationships, communication, accountability, transparency, creativity, generosity and resilience.


When organizations work from a trauma informed and resiliency driven lens, team members have more autonomy & choice which fosters a sense of connectedness and investment in the long term success of the organization. The cascading impacts of real investment in individual and organizational wellness impacts everything from the bottom line, to productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, along with lower costs and turnover rates. More vitally an organization or community that fosters connection, collaboration and agency, and actively creates opportunities for team members to grow and develop personally and professionally within their organization provides the home for work to transform from a vocation to a calling. 

These transformational learning organizations build powerful networks of high performance and connected talent who help support and enliven one another even as they seek new opportunities for growth and development outside the organization. 

I work with groups and organizations to build person-centred professional development and skill building opportunities.

I shape each training to the community I work with and this involves collaboration with your team to ensure right fit.


Some recent areas of development are:

From Trauma Informed Practice to Resiliency

Using Compassion Practices to Circumvent Empathy Fatigue & Secondary Trauma

Connection as an Antidote to Depression, Anxiety and Collective Loneliness

Learning how to Learn 

Building Organizational Psychological Safety

Why Arts Education is Essential for the 21 Century Learning Brain

The Neuroscience of Mindfulness as Self Regulation

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